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Teaching History

I stumbled across a sociology elective taught by Dr. Molly Talcott as an undeclared undergraduate. This was the first time I was provided the sociological tools to frame my experiences in a structural context. I have taught and served as Teaching Assistant at UCLA, UC Santa Cruz, and California State University, Los Angeles (CSULA).

During the 2019-2020 academic year, I was a teaching associate in the sociology department at UCLA. From 2017 to 2018, I was also a teaching assistant in the sociology department at UC Santa Cruz. To complement readings and assignments, I draw on contemporary examples to make concepts and theories applicable to students’ lived experiences. For this reason, I rely on discussions, movie and YouTube clips, music and music videos, current events, popular culture, and the knowledge students bring to the classroom and sociology.

From 2013-2016, I led first-year undergraduate seminars at CSULA, where I have been teaching a Sociology of Education graduate seminar since 2019. In Sociology of Education, I always assign an annotative bibliography final paper to allow graduate students to build on the seminar themes to explore their own areas of interest.

Sociology of Education Graduate Seminar

This course will introduce students to the sociology of education subfield to examine a range of topics related to schooling experiences, equity, and inequality across educational systems. In particular, we will explore equity and inequality, emphasizing race, gender, immigration, culture, and how they intersect to impact educational experiences. Students will leave this course with the tools necessary to analyze educational processes and practices through a sociological lens, an approach that incorporates both individuals and institutions.

Teaching Interests

Gender and Masculinity; Social Movements; Education; Race and Racial Capitalism; Sociological Theory; Du Boisian Sociology; Critical Carceral Studies; Children and Youth; Research Methods; Urgan Sociology

Teaching Assistant

Sociology 1: Introductory Sociology, UCLA

Sociology 180A: Race and the University, UCLA

Sociology 105B: Contemporary Social Theory, UCSC

Sociology 3B: Statistical Methods, UCSC

Sociology 3A: The Evaluation of Evidence, UCSC

Sociology 491: Qualitative Research Methods, CSULA

Sociology 442: Social Change, CSULA

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